ATLANTA, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — MDL autoMation (MDL) and KEYPer Systems announced today, in time for NADA 2017, the availability of their brand new integrated solution combining KEYPer’s best in class key management systems with MDL’s innovative Bluetooth vehicle location system, Bloodhound.

This new joint development offering is the industry’s first integrated solution using Bluetooth beacon technology to display a fully integrated location map on a user’s smart phone the moment they select the keys from the key machine, which finally answers the question: “Now that I have the key, where is the car?”
KEYper Systems
KEYper Systems

“MDL wanted to work with a DMS-independent partner with a stellar reputation in automotive. KEYPer and MDL partnered together to bring to market what has not been available previously – mobile, low cost vehicle location seamlessly tied to vehicle key pull events. In today’s world, prospects have done their homework on the dealer’s web site and arrive at the store knowing what car they want to see. The inability to locate that vehicle quickly is a fast way to make that initial interaction between seller and buyer go south,” said George Cresto, MDL Founder and CEO.

The integrated system is designed to provide an increased level of inventory control and help any sales advisor reduce vehicle location time by 80% or more.

“We are excited to work with MDL and offer this integrated feature clients have been asking for in such an affordable manner. Clients are instantly able to visually pinpoint the location of the car on the lot via a mobile device and we can tell you who took the key, why, and where the car is located,” said Ric Stone, President and CEO of KEYper Systems.

The new joint offering is available now and can be seen at NADA 2017 in New Orleans at MDL’s booth, #3469, and KeyPer’s booth, #3337.

About MDL autoMation (MDL)

MDL is the leader in providing process improvement through Instant Guest Recognition & Messaging using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and License Plate Recognition (LPR) technologies. MDL systems are installed in leading U.S. dealerships enabling a “Ritz Carlton” level of service, increased customer retention, improved CSI, and sales opportunities. MDL’s Bluetooth beacon solution, Bloodhound™ and RFID Zonal Tracking enable complete asset tracking of both service and inventory vehicles. MDL’s web-based Dispatch Master effectively manages the movement operation of guest or inventory vehicles. See www.mdlautomation for more information.

About KEYPer Systems

Since 1992, KEYper Systems has been a global provider of innovative key and asset control solutions. Based in Harrisburg, NC, KEYper Systems offers a range of security methods from mechanical boards to state-of-the-art electronic cabinets. KEYper Systems provides security solutions to the top 25 automotive groups in the United States, as well as to top-tier property management companies, military bases, law enforcement, and hospitality organizations. See for more information.

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